As part of the ongoing effort to diversify its operations and take advantage of new opportunities , Hyundai Corporation has been expanding its presence through the creation of Hyundai Home Appliance.  As a premium global company committed to creating new value for customers, Hyundai Home Appliances intends to forge a brighter future.

Hyundai Home Appliances is a world-class appliance brand from South Korea and present in more than 100 countries around the world, is a major part of Hyundai Corporation's 34 years of global experience in the heavy machinery, shipbuilding, automotive industry, mining operations, steel and chemical industries, and consumer electronics.

Live Life.  Now!... is Hyundai Home Appliances campaign since 2013.  Owning a Hyundai Home Appliance at home is all about living life and making every moment...precious.  Through Hyundai Home Appliances, we can live life in every moment...live life how it's supposed to feel...how it's supposed to be.

Live Life.  Now...with Hyundai Home Appliances.


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